How to Choose The Best Domain Name For Your Website?

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Are you confused to choose the best domain name for your website? Then you are in the right place. Here you will learn how to choose the best domain name for your website.

Choosing the best domain name for your website will be the most difficult and confusing thing. There are a lot of domains available on Registrar. Some of them are already sold or some of them are listed for sale for a huge price.

So, Here is the answer to what is a Domain name and How to choose the best domain?

What is Domain Name?

A domain name is the identity of your website or blog. It is your website’s address on the internet. Obviously, there is no chance of navigating to your website with a domain name.

Let’s understand in a simple way, Think, you started a new store in your area. And you named your store as “boutique”. So, here “boutique” will be the identity of your store. And this identity will help people to come to your store. Without this name (identity) it became difficult for people to find your store.

I hope you understood what is the domain name.

How To Choose The Best Domain Name For Your Website?

Here are some important tips to choose the best domain name for your website.

Keep It Simple.

Always keep in mind that nobody wants to waste their valuable time typing your lengthy, complex, and confusing domain address.

Never ever use slangs like “U” instead of “YOU” and “4” instead of “FOR”.

So keep it simple, Because simple domain names are easy to remember and It will help your website to get online success.  And try to explain your website in your domain name.

For example, This is a WordPress blogging site so my domain is

Keep It Short.

As already said, Don’t use lengthy, complex, and confusing domain names. If you use then there are high chances of mistyping or misspelling.

So, Keep It Short and Keep It Simple for memorable.

Try To Use Keywords.

Keywords are the words that are commonly searched by the people on the internet. For Example: How To, Where Is, WordPress, Themes, Blogging, and etc.

Always use keywords, which describe your website/company or the service you are offering. I am running a WordPress Blogging website so, I choose the keyword “Blog” and used it in my domain

If you don’t know why WordPress is so popular, then refer to our article about WordPress.

It helps to increase your website rank on the search engine result page (SERP). It also helps to get more traffic to your website.

Don’t Use Numbers and Hyphens.

When you use numbers and hyphens in your domain name then there are more chances to misunderstood.

Just think Your domain name is Topic4you. Usually, people pronouns it as “Topic for you” so there are more chances of misunderstanding and mistyping. It is often that people forget to type hyphens or dashes while typing domain names.

Use Unique Domain Name.

Always think wisely to choose a unique domain name. Catchy names always grab the reader’s attention and they make the best impression on the viewer’s mind.

Get perfect Domain Name for your site and try hard to make your domain name as BRAND.

Use an Appropriate Domain Name Extension.

Extensions are suffixes at the end of the web addresses, like .COM, .NET, .CO, and etc. These suffixes have specific uses. So, make sure to choose one that suits your business/website.

.COM extension is preferred by the most. It is the most popular and old domain extension and it always difficult to find your domain name with .COM extension. So, try to use .COM extension for your domain.

As .COM extension is so popular that you can sell your domain with the highest price. So, the Re-sale value of .COM domain is more.

Use Domain Extension As Per Your Targeted Area.

Most of the websites target a particular area or country to publish their content. If you are targeting a particular area to publish or rank your content, then choose domain extension as per that area.

For example: If you are targeting India, then you can use .IN extension for your domain name.

But, always try to choose .COM extension.

Research Your Domain.

Before you register a domain name, try to find it on the Trademark search. It will help you to find out registered business using the same name.

Use Domain Name Generating Tools.

If you are confused and won’t able to find the right domain for your site. Then there are some domain name generating tools available on the internet. You can use them to generate domain names for your site.

Some best domain generating tools are LeanDomain Search and NameBoy.

Final Thoughts

If you are starting a blog for the first time, then you may find our website helpful because it walks you through everything step by step.

May be our post list of best domain name generators will help you to generate a catchy and brandable domain name for your website or business.

That’s all. I hope this article helped you to understand how to choose the best domain name for your website or business.

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