How To Choose The Right Web Hosting Company?

How to choose the right web hosting company

I have already written an article on a Detailed guide about hosting. It will help you to know about hosting and its different types and etc. Now its time to discuss how to choose the right web hosting company.

As we know that domain and hosting are the two important and basic needs of any website.

When it comes to choosing the best domain name and right hosting for a website, everyone becomes confused. There are a lot of hosting companies on the internet. Obviously, it becomes difficult to choose one best hosting among all hosting.  But the right hosting that matches your and your website needs is very important.

Not all websites have the same needs or requirements. Some popular website needs lighting fast hosting service and some websites need high-end security. Also, we have to pay thousands of dollars to have such services.

So, It is very important to list the basic needs of your websites before buying/considering any hosting.

You don’t need to worry. I am listing some points that you have to focus on before buying any hosting company.

Tips to choose the right web hosting company.

Before buying any web hosting always keep in mind these important points. This will help you to choose the right hosting for your website.

Consider your specific needs

Choosing the best hosting company for your website isn’t an easy task. And Everyone’s idea of ‘best’ will depend on their website needs.

Unless n until you focus on your website needs you can’t able to find the right hosting solution for your website. So, all you need to do is list down your and your website needs.

If you are finding difficulties to list the needs then consider the following questions:

  • What kind of website are you building?

Just ask yourself that, are you going to build a website on WordPress platform or are you going to use other platforms to build websites? Because there are some hosting companies only offering WordPress hosting and some of them offer to host for all website building software.

  • Are you building more than one site?

It is the more important question you need to ask yourself. Because sometimes people buy hosting for only one website. Due to this, they can’t able to host another website in that particular hosting.

So, It will be better to buy hosting that allows you to host multiple domains/websites.

  • How much traffic do you expect or receive per month?

This is a more important factor before going to purchase any hosting. If you are running the website and your website has 25K to 50K monthly visits then you need to consider hosting that can allow more visitors on your site.

If your website bandwidth or traffic crosses the limit of your hosting bandwidth then they force you to upgrade your hosting plan. This will cost you extra.

  • Do you need extra features from hosting, such as email hosting, free domain, and SSL certificate?

If you are paying for hosting then you have to focus on some extra features that hosting offering. Like: Free Domain, Unlimited Email hosting, and of course free SSL certificate.

Without SSL certificate you can’t able to rank your website on search engines (Google or Bing). SSL certificate is a badge of safety for your website and It is mandatory.

Price of a third-party SSL certificate is more, so it’s better to have it in hosting package only.

  • What is your budget?

Now its time to focus on your monthly budget. Many hosting companies offer high-end features to users but they cost more. So, you have to consider a budget-friendly hosting company that offers you features that you are looking for.

Look into hosting reliability and speed.

Hosting reliability and server uptime scores are the most important things to look for before buying any web host. Nobody wants to have slow service and downtime from hosting.

According to KISSmetrics, a one-second delay in page speed reduces viewer satisfaction by 16%. 40% of visitors ignore the site which takes more than 3 seconds to load. when it comes to eCommerce websites a tiny delay can cause a huge loss in sales.

So, it is must to have speed hosting for the website. While no hosting company can guarantee their servers will be active 100 percent of the time, there are many companies that boast uptime of 99.5 percent and higher. Always ignore hosting companies that report anything below 99 percent.

To find out the reliability and speed statistics on a particular host, start by looking at their website, and then browse through online reviews and get a feel for how other customers’ sites work with that host.

Hosting upgrade options

Generally, shared hosting is a good option to host your brand new website because it’s cheap and suits most of your needs. However, your needs may not stay the same forever. As the website grows your website needs more bandwidth and email store and other resources.

Although most of the shared hosting plans offer unlimited storage and unlimited bandwidth. In reality, they don’t offer such unlimited resources. So, don’t be fooled by unlimited offers. After crossing a certain limit in hosting resources, the company will force you to upgrade your plan.

That’s why you have to choose that hosting which offers enough room to grow your business. Get the hosting which offers you all type of hosting plans such as shared, dedicated, managed, and VPS hosting, which will help you to switch or upgrade between plans in the future

Nowadays the process of transferring a website from one company to another becomes easy. Although, some hosting companies offer you a free site migration option to transfer a live website from one hosting company to another. So, you don’t need to worry much about hosting an upgrade.

Explore security features

Another important factor to consider in a web host is its security features. If you are planning to run a website that collects or transmits sensitive data, such as customer credit or debit card numbers then your site should have high-end security to protect all data from attackers.

Site backups are also some type of security for the website. If the hosting company provides frequent site backups then it will help you to restore your website as it is, once your site crashed or hacked.

If your goal is to provide security to your site then you should consider managed WordPress hosting (If you use WordPress to build website). Where experts will manage all your site updates and security.

Quality customer support

Good customer support can make every difference to a hosting company. In particular, if you need some support to start up your site. Watch for support channels such as live chat, e-mail or telephone support during your research process.

See the hours of support for every host as well. Some hosts give customer support 24 hours a day, while others will not be accessible for business hours until support from ASAP is required.

Finally, read reviews for each host you’re looking at to get a feel for the quality of support they’re offering. Check for reviews that mention how timely and knowledgeable the support staff is–keeping in mind. Of course, people often only leave reviews when their experience was either very positive or very negative, which might skew the feedback.

Research prices

You want to choose the hosting package that best fits your budget. However, when researching prices, it is important to look beyond the initial monthly price shown to you.

First of all, consider that many hosting providers have introductory deals for first-time users. After your first billing period, your plan will renew at regular price. Make sure you are not just budgeting for the introductory price but also for the regular rate.

Compare the cost of other packages offered by the host. If you come up with a cheaper option now but later decide to upgrade your plan, you may end up paying more for another host for the hosting package. Finally, be sure to look at the cost of add-ons and additional services. Some hosts, for example, charge extra for email hosting, while others add it to their original rate.

So, How to choose the right web hosting company? 

I would not recommend a free web host if you are starting out a huge e-commerce website. I definitely would not recommend expensive hosting if all you need is an easy-to-manage web host to run a small hobby blog.

As said before, different websites have different needs. When you are comparing and choosing a hosting provider, remember that what you want is to pick up the web host that suits your website needs.

I highly recommend SiteGround managed wordpress hosting for your new blog. It is affordable, fast and secure. Don’t forget to check our SiteGround best deal there I included a small trick in order to get long period hosting for the lowest price.

Read why SiteGround hosting is best to start your new blog/website.

Remember one thing, It’s not about finding the best web host in the world; rather, it’s about finding the RIGHT web host for YOU.

I hope with this guide you can choose the right web hosting company for your website. If this article really helped you decide among hosting then share this on your favorite social network to help others.

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