Self-Hosting vs Free

Self-Hosting vs Free – Which One Is Better For You

Self-Hosting vs Free is the most confusing topic that every beginner searched for. The beginners who don’t have proper knowledge about the self-hosted will often end up by using Free

Choosing the right platform for your online success is very important. So, we have created an in-depth comparison of vs

If you still wondering what is WordPress and why it is so popular website builder? then visit our Self-Hosted WordPress article. Now, Let’s Take A Look At Each Platform Individually.

Difference between Self-Hosting vs Free

Self-Hosting home is the most popular platform. It is an open-source and 100% free platform for everyone to build their websites.

If anyone talking good things about WordPress then without a doubt it is WordPress.Org.

Below are some pros and cons of using self-hosted to build your website or blog.

Pros Of offers full control over your website. You can customize your website as you want and as much as you want. There are no such restrictions while using WordPress.Org. Here are some other benefits of

  • is free and easy to use. The flexibility it offers, no other service will offer.
  • Literally, you are the owner of your website and you have all control over your website and website content. There is no chance of site turn-off by someone else.
  • org ecosystem offers a huge amount of themes as well as plugins to build an attractive and fully functional website. Also, you can add paid and custom WordPress plugins and themes to your website to increase functionality.
  • Actually, you can make money from your WordPress website by running ads (Adsense and other services). The best part is the money you earned is yours and don’t need to share it with anyone.
  • You can track your website easily by using the Google Analytics tool.
  • The best part of is that you can create any type of website. For Example, you can start a fully functional E-Commerce store to sell digital products or physical products.
  • There are some other pro things, you will know once you start using

Cons Of

There are some cons of using self-hosted

  • To start your website on you need to purchase a Domain and Hosting. It will cost you around $50 per year. (Domain means Identity of Website like and Hosting is an online storage place where all your website content will be stored.)
  • Once your website starts getting attention then obviously traffic will increases. And such huge traffic can’t be handled by the low hosting plan. Then you need to get another plan which suits your traffic and it will increase web-hosting
  • Until you use the Managed WordPress hosting you are responsible for WordPress updates and backups.

The cost of your WordPress website is fully based on:

  • What type of website you are building (simple blog, an E-Commerce store or membership site, etc).
  • What type of services ( free plugins or paid plugins and free themes or paid themes) you are using on your site.
  • How much your WordPress website is popular.

One thing is clear that you can start a WordPress website by spending $50 per year approximately.

As a well-wisher, I’ll definitely recommend self-hosted to start your website with SiteGround (affordable managed WordPress hosting).

Free home is a profitable hosting service created by a co-founder of WordPress, Matt Mullenweg.

It offers a variety of plans:

  • Free plan – limited functions with a lot of restrictions.
  • Personal – $36 per year
  • Premium – $99 per year
  • Business – $299 per year
  • VIP – starting at $5000 per month

Let’s take a look at the Pros and Cons of using

Pros of

The free is best for hobby bloggers. Here are some pros of using

  • The free plan of offers 3GB storage space, Dozens of free themes.
  • You don’t need to worry about updates or backups. will take care of everything.

Cons of

The free having more cons than the pros of self-hosted Here are some main disadvantages of using

  • The free doesn’t offer a custom domain for a website. You need to continue your website with To remove this extension you need to upgrade your plan.
  • Very limited storage place for the free plan. And very limited free themes. You cannot upload custom themes for your site.
  • Free place their ads on your website. You can only able to remove those ads by paying extra money or choosing the other plan.
  • You are not allowed to place ads on your site. If you are running a popular site, then you can apply for their advertising program called WordAds. And they keep some part of your revenue as a commission.
  • The main disadvantage is you cannot upload plugins. To upload plugins you need to choose either a business plan or VIP Plan which costs you around $299 per year and $5000 per month respectively.
  • In the free plan, You cannot add Google Analytics to track your website.
  • If you go against their Terms and Conditions then they can delete your site at any time.
  • You cannot build E-Commerce stores and membership websites with free

In short, free offers very few or limited features. To access all its features you need to select either a Business plan or VIP plan.

Self-Hosting vs Free – Which One Is Better For You?

As a beginner, I have also used free but I never satisfied with that. When I started using I came to know what I missed.

In short, If you are a personal blogger and don’t care about making money from your website, then go with free

If you planning to start an online business and wants to earn money from your website, then I will recommend you to use with SiteGround (affordable managed WordPress hosting). Because offers more flexibility to the user and it will help you to grow the website as you want.

My personal opinion is, use to build your website and achieve something that you dreamed of.

I hope you found this article helpful in understanding the difference between the Self-Hosting vs Free

We wish you all the best with your site and hope that you chose the right platform (

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